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Trinetra Foundation is an N.G.O based in Mumbai. It is incorporated on year 31st March 2018. As of the year 2020, we have successfully expanded our Team and now we have our Teams, who work for the Society in Jammu & Kashmir, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, and Rajasthan also.

We mainly support Anti- Suicide program. We try to help people to come out of the situation when they try and think of suicide. Trinetra Foundation supports and works for Maharashtra Government and Government of India to solve the problem of farmers’ suicide. We have a special Team to handle this Program.

We also support the Government in their “No Plastic Bags” program by taking sessions in various parts of Mumbai on “how to make paper bags at home” then we help them in selling it to the suppliers/shopkeepers. This way, people who are free at home can utilize their time and earn some money and engage themselves in this activity. In a way, these people are supporting “No Plastic Bag” in Society. We also work on “No Baggers Zone” and helping Bollywood Artists and Technicians.

Our Objectives

1] Anti-Suicide: –

Anti-Suicide is something that we thought of taking care of, as our Country is majorly falling into Depression and Anxiety issues more and people tend to suicide. Our Research says, there are thousands of reasons because of which people’s mental health gets disturb and they get into this trap which is called Suicide. Even a small hurt can make people get into a trap of Suicide. We support and work for the Maharashtra Government and Government of India to solve the problem of farmers’ suicide.

Mental Health is given less importance in our society, but it is more important than the Physical Health. If your mental health is not good, then it eventually affects your physical health so having good mental health must be one’s priority.

We conduct group and one to one sessions on Anti-suicide for people who are constantly feeling low, sad, depressed, and facing anxiety issues. Sometimes even a small hurt makes a person take a step of committing suicide, so we have a Special Team who handles them.

We have Dr. Amitabh Gosh, who is a Psychiatrist. He is the only doctor in India who is a specialist in psychodrama serving with Trinetra Foundation that makes us proud.

Under Anti-Suicide Programs we have sub-programs like :

a. Loan Defaulters

We see that most of the anxiety issues, depression, and suicide take place because of not being able to re-pay Loan. We help people who face problems in re-paying credit card loans or any bank loan by getting a solution for their problems. We are an intermediate for the Debtor/Loan Borrower and Bank. We try to do the settlement between them by getting both the parties agreed upon a specific amount and getting the Debtor re-pay it to the Bank. This way we prevent Suicide.

b. Bandhan tute na

We often see that there is a dispute in houses or any relationship because of which people get disturb mentally and try to commit suicide so here Trinetra Foundation helps people to break the dispute between two people, break the feeling of dislike or hatred for one another and tries to build relations which were broken since years. Sometimes people want to be together, but their ego or circumstances do not allow them to be, so here Trinetra Foundation helps them to re-build the relation and their bond. This way we prevent Suicide.

No Plastic Bags: –

We support Government in its program of “No Plastic Bags”. We keep sessions on “how to make Plastic bags at home” in different parts of Mumbai wherein we teach people how to make paper bags and make use of them. People can make use of their free time by making paper bags and they can sell them to the shopkeepers directly or through us then we will sell them on behalf of them. This way they can earn handsome money by sitting at home and simultaneously help the Government in their “No Plastic Bag” program.

No Beggars Zone: –

Our objective is to get our developing Country free from Beggars. We wish to keep our streets away from Beggars. Our objective is to have no Beggars on the street and in cities, so we have planned to keep or give home to Beggars in a different place of the City and give them work so that they can stop begging and start earning with respect. This way we can help our country to become a developed and beautiful Country.

Helping Bollywood Artists and Technicians: –

We find our ways to help struggling Artists and Technicians. We do certain activities like when they are struggling to get work in Film Industry and end up not getting any, so wanting to go back to their home town but unable to go also because of monetary issues then we give them travel tickets and some amount for them to carry with them. We are also donating groceries to them during the crucial time of lockdown which is due to corona when they are having a difficult time to work and earn.

Core Team Members: –

1. Annapurna Bairi – Trustee
2. Anil Mahajan – Chairman
3. Amitabh Gosh – Psychiatrist
4. Sonam Sanjeev – Public Relations Head
5. Siddhi Nagda – Graphologist
6. Alka – Media Head

For Donation-Bank Details: –

Bank of baroda
Lokhandwala branch
Account number : 76540100000088
Ifsc code: BARB0VJLOKH



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SAVE engages the public by partnering with communities



Training & Consulting

SAVE works with communities, professionals and businesses



Grief Support

Grief Support for Suicide Loss Survivors



Research & Innovation

SAVE serves as an expert resource for researchers


Address:    70/25, Samta CHS LTD, Mhada Four Bunglow, SVP Nagar, Andheri West, Mumbai – 400053
Phone:  022 263 20409
Email:    contact@trinetrafoundation.com
Web:    https://trinetrafoundation.com/
Bombay public trust act 1950 (29)
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Registration No: Bombay Public Trust Act 1950(29) E-33939(M)

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